31 Days {Day 2} – Good Dads

31 Days {Day 2} – Good Dads

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Welcome back to the 31 Days of Mary, Martha, & Sparta! If you missed it, here is the link to yesterday’s post!


I’ve just recently realized something about my blog – I almost never talk about dads. I mean, I’ve had a couple quick little #SpartanLife365 posts about dads, but it hasn’t been anything extensive.

This isn’t that crazy, really…I have a mom blog. Except for the fact that the topic of fatherhood is one of the topics that I am the most passionate about.

When it comes to Raising Spartans, whether they are to be Spartan men or women, a father is one of the most, if not THE most, important components of success.

You guys, there is just so much research to back me up on this, and if I tell you all of it, we won’t ever leave this place.

But let me tell you something that has kind of shaped so much of my worldview lately, especially how I parent – good dads are just so important.

A dad that is present, involved, and loving can change the course of history.


Remember when I wrote about my girls’ weekend in California a while ago? Well there was an element that I didn’t really talk about.

All of our children were at home with our husbands.

Each one of us left home for four days. Four days’ worth of baths, schoolwork, t-ball practices and games, church, daily entertainment, bickering, meals, and ridiculous questions. All not on our shoulders, and on theirs.


A couple of the girls left clothes out and meals in the fridge. Wasn’t that nice? So sweet. They’re so together and with it. What considerate friends I have. Just precious.

Ty was not so lucky. I mean, I left things in a mostly picked-up state, with a kinda stocked fridge and pantry. The clothes, in my defense, were all clean, even if they weren’t put away.


They all had plans to hang out together all weekend, and it sounds like they pretty much went everywhere in one giant pack. Just some dads with all their bajillion kids chillin’ at the gym, out to dinner (I mean, seriously. They’re champs.), at baseball, AT CHURCH.

Oh yes, you read that right. Each one of our husbands had all of our children presentable, fed, and at church on Sunday morning. That’s probably why you heard angels singing faintly from the heavens that Sunday – Jesus was mightily with those dads that morning.


None of this would have been even remotely possible if these men had chosen to be incapable, distant, uninvolved dads.

Our kids had an awesome weekend because they were just hanging out with their good dads!


They’re just more fun sometimes, aren’t they? I can’t throw my kids in the pool (Hi, I’m 5 foot nothing…I’m treading water like the rest of them). I don’t let my kids ride on my back like a horse (Because, really?).

They didn’t even care to talk to us on the phone – they were way too busy having fun with their dads to even miss us. It was like pulling teeth to get them to sit still and offer smiles in all of these blurry screen shots. You’ll notice that my kids aren’t even in a screenshot…we didn’t really chat at all over the weekend. Too cool, you know?




You are so important. Your children must know you, and you must know them. They want to hear from you. The words you speak carry such a different weight than a mom’s. Your approval and admiration and pride mean something different than ours do.

As a father, you bear a great responsibility, because the way that you lead your children has by far the greatest potential to affect your children in the long run. Your efforts make your sons good men, and your daughters strong women.

The effort you make, and the things you do as a dad are holy. Powerful. Important. You are so needed.


I think it’s time to stop limiting our children’s dad. I know you run a lot of things, make a lot of decisions, hold up the world, and basically know what’s up in pretty much every area of everything. I hear ya. Me, too. But it doesn’t mean they can’t do stuff.

Our kids ate out a lot while we were gone. Know how I see it? They ate, and we didn’t have to clean it up. My kids wore whatever they wanted. To me? At least they weren’t naked (this is a bonus on any given day). They most likely went places and forgot to bring certain things. Guess what? It was probably inconvenient, but the world kept spinning, and next time they won’t forget it – because lesson learned.

It’s time to support dads. They’re capable men, and they need us to stop reducing them to the butt of the joke. They won’t do all of the things the way we would. Grab a night out with the girls – I think you’ll be surprised how much you don’t really care about that anymore.

Good dads are just so important, you guys.


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