31 Days {Day 18} – Fallon, My Race, & the Church Band

31 Days {Day 18} – Fallon, My Race, & the Church Band

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Welcome back to the 31 Days of Mary, Martha, & Sparta! If you missed it, here is the link to yesterday’s post!

Prepare yourself. There will be a lot of random mixing of imagery and metaphors today. Just stick with me. I know I’m a little…crazy. I think it’ll make sense by the end. Maybe.


Today at church, I got caught up in watching the band.

They were rocking. out. The base player was dancing and stomping his feet, the drummer was jammin’, and the lead guitarist was smiling from ear to ear.

A lightbulb went on in my head. Actually, God turned on the lightbulb and then He started talking and I started listening.

He told me that when we do things using the gifts that He has given us, we feel so at home. Keeping our eyes in our lane, on our own race, we are able to run so much faster and accomplish so much more.

I think that as women, especially as moms, we tend to look at other people doing their thing and feel like we should be doing their thing, too.

That mom is baking homemade cupcakes that look like Martha Stewart made them for her child to hand out at school, that other mom is feeding her family all organic meals that looks like Ina Garten made them, another mom’s house looks like it came from a Better Homes & Gardens magazine, another woman’s business is taking off like Microsoft…the list goes on and on.

I’m not those women. I’m me. If I try to start running their race, I’ll be tripping all over myself. Their race isn’t mine to run.

When I’m using my gifts to do the things God has prepared for me, I’m in the zone. It’s not always easy, but I’m in it. I start to rock out. That’s my jam.

Have you ever seen Bruce Springsteen perform? He’s having so much fun. He loves to be Bruce Springsteen, and I love to watch him be Bruce Springsteen.

Do you ever watch Jimmy Fallon on his late night show? He’s in his groove, and he’s having a blast. It’s because he’s in his sweet spot.

Mother Theresa excelled at loving the overlooked because that was her gift. The world will never be the same because she stayed in her lane and ran her own race.


Watching the band play today, I realized that if the drummer tried to be like the guitarist, the band would be incomplete – not to mention, probably not great.

A band needs a variety, not all drummers. A baseball team needs players in 9 different positions, not all pitchers. A community needs a whole array of services, not just a bank.

The world needs people to save the whales and feed the poor. If we all tried to feed the poor, the whales would be extinct and disrupt the delicate balance that God gave the world when He created it.

Yesterday, when I had my big dramatic meltdown, I started comparing myself to others. I noted their successes and my failure to measure up. I began to mentally rearrange my life to look like people I thought might have it all together more than I do.

The truth of the matter is, if I was trying to be like they are, I would fail miserably. And you know what? The same would be true for them – if they tried running my race, they’d be a mess, too. My race isn’t for them.

We need the moms who make perfect cupcakes because how else would I get cupcakes? We need the women whose homes are pulled together because we need a non-sticky place to chat. We need the powerful businesswomen because they are offering an entirely new perspective and set of skills to the world.

I’m not made to be in a band. But today, I watched people who definitely were, and it was so exciting to watch.

Let’s just keep our eyes in our own lane. The team needs us. Our band is counting on us. 

(How’s that for some imagery and metaphors?)


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