1,826 Days

1,826 Days


I know that they say that time flies, but seriously, it’s like in warp speed.

1,826 days ago, I became a mother.

noah born

1,826 days ago, I was tasked with the growth, health, education, nurturing, and overall survival of this incredible little person.

It has been 1,826 days since Noah took his first breath, and in that time, my world has been completely turned upside down. My priorities have been rearranged. My nights have been pretty sleepless, but full of cuddles. My days have been full of giggles, and sometimes a few tears.


As I’m typing this, I find myself at a loss for words in the face of all of the things I could say about the person that Noah is.

From the very beginning, he has been so much fun. We call him “Monkey” because from the start, he’s been this long tangle of limbs that doesn’t know how to sit still. He climbs, jumps, runs, and falls with ease. This kid never slows down, and he goes with all his might.

He’s full of knowledge that shouldn’t be in a 5-year-old brain. And he’s full of emotions that you don’t find in many 5-year-old hearts.


His memory astounds us on a regular basis. Ty and I constantly find ourselves silently mouthing, “How does he remember that?!” in bewilderment over his head.

There is a capacity for love in that kid that puts many adults to shame. He forgives quickly and completely, and he has an understanding of sympathy and empathy that I can only hope to emulate.


Noah is an old soul. He has wisdom far beyond his years.

And yet, he’s the goofiest kid! He’s the one who loves perfecting jokes, knows how to work a room, and has the best imagination!

For over a year, he had a little world that existed only in his mind. He called it “The Office.”

At his own American Family Insurance office (just like Daddy’s), which was located “downtown,” he golfed all day and made birthday hats. The office could only be reached by helicopter or private plane. His office staff consisted of “my Wee-sa” (Lisa) and his “kids.” He had a lot of kids. In a crazy twist, one day he declared that he had just acquired some dolphins. For $5, you could buy a ticket to swim with the dolphins at his office.

“The Office” was not without mishaps, though. Frequently, Lisa (who had such a knack for causing trouble) would set the office on fire. This would (obviously) ruin his afternoon as he dealt with the clean-up and aftermath. Thankfully, Lisa always suffered only minor burns. His kids also found some stray dogs and took them in, which proved to be an unwise decision, as he often lamented about the poop they left all over the office!

While shopping at the grocery store, it was a frequent battle to balance his imagination with reality as he declared that certain items must be purchased for his office — toilet paper, swim trunks (for swimming with the dolphins, of course), and dog food were frequent requests.

One day, when my mom asked how the office was going, this sweet boy sat both my mom and me down and announced he had something to tell us.

You can imagine our dismay when he stated, “I’m so sorry to tell you this, but I actually don’t have an office. I made it up.”

This is the kid that Noah is. Even his imagination has steps, logic, responsibility, and ultimately, truth.


Watching him learn about life is thrilling for me. I love to watch him understand the process of something, or to watch him think through consequences and outcomes. He understands “if-then” scenarios and cause and effect like many adults can not.

He keeps me on my toes. He loves sports almost as much as he loves Jesus. He can pretty much always be found with a ball in his hands.


His heart is so tender and caring. He’s the most grateful kid — he is so quick to say “thank you” and mean it.

I have learned so much about unconditional love from being a mother. I’ve learned about my instincts, and how to use my intuition to my advantage. I’ve discovered that I know how to read my kids better than anyone else in this world.

1,826 days ago, while the world’s eyes were glued to their televisions as Barack Obama was inaugurated as our 44th President of the United States, my eyes were glued to this little tiny 7 lb. miracle that had just hours ago made me a mom.

Looking at the boy my baby is becoming fills me with so much joy it takes my breath away.


I wish I could say that I can’t wait for the rest of his life, but the truth is that I can. I don’t want to miss any minutes of the incredible life that he is leading.

God has big plans for this boy, and I can’t believe I get to have a front row seat.


Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet Monkey!


Mary Jean

about 6 years ago

Just love him and his amazing ways! He made you a Mom and in turn, me a Grandma....best job ever! xxxooo


Hayley Schraufnagel

about 6 years ago

You're pretty great at your job!!


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